Wholesale - Glass Straws

Regular price $800.00

Wholesale is available in orders of 100 units.

Each unit includes the following:

Set of 5 Glass Straws

  • Includes 5 glass straws and 2 cleaning brushes 
  • 100% glass
  • Non-toxic reusable straws
  • Safe with hot or cold drinks
  • Break-resistant
  • Chic and simple
  • Measurements: 9" long 10mm wide


These sturdy glass straws are made of highly durable borosilicate glass; the same great material used in laboratories around the world.

*Please note, these straws are highly durable, but may break if handled with brute force, such as throwing on a hard floor.


Simply rinse the reusable straws after use or place in the dishwasher. Two full length cleaning brushes are included in case of clogging.